I <3 BOOKS!!

I read a lot of books, I simply love reading book. By now (8th June 2021) I have completed 107 physical books!

BTW thats the physical books count. Dad bought me a Kindle this summer vacation and since them I have read around 46 ebooks on my kindle as well.

Some photos of my collection.

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My Magnetic Spinner

You know, I have many magnetic toys like creative magnet sets, this is one of them, magnetic rods with large iron beads, do you like the shape I’ve made?

It’s a 3d pentagon with a handle to give it a spin, it’s really awesome I wish I could show it to you in real life but you and I both know I can’t, even though lockdown is not at all fun, it gave me a chance to unleash my creativity.

First I used to spend all of my time playing down with my friends but now having nothing to do I actually made this, I hope you like this.

Taking over the control

OK, so today onward I’m taking over the control of my blog.

Thanks to dad for maintaining it till now. Henceforth it’s my responsibility

Baby brother


First day to School

I started going to school…

I’m going to play-school!

First visit to a sea beach

My first visit to a sea beach on my parent’s 3rd wedding anniversary

Happy B’day to me :)

Hey All,

I celebrated my first bday recently

On 1st Nov I celebrated with my dadu & dadi. And re-celebrated on 5th with all friends on dad & mom (& mine too) in Pune

More photos from the bday

Janamashtami 2011

Cornetto Crazy